How do I gain access to Alpha One testing?

by Intrepid Studios

Ashes of Creation Alpha One testing access is available to:

  • Adventurer Pre-order Package and Intrepid Pre-order Package owners
  • Braver of Worlds, Leader of Men, Royalty, Hero of the People, and Avatar of the Phoenix Kickstarter backers and summer campaign backers
  • Official Content Creators
  • Anyone who won and claimed an Alpha One Key through a giveaway

If you have not yet purchased a pre-order, you can visit the Ashes of Creation Shop and purchase one now. If you have already purchased a package, either pre-order or Kickstarter, you can login to the Shop with your Intrepid account and upgrade your existing package to one that includes your desired testing access.  

Once you have upgraded your account to include Alpha One access, you will have access to join the testing sessions. These testing sessions will be announced via the Forums, Discord and periodic emails.  

If you own a Kickstarter, Summer, or Pre-Order Pack which has Alpha One access, please visit the Alpha One Testing section of the forums to connect your Discord account. During the Alpha One testing phase, there will be many updates to the game client and Launcher. To facilitate distributing the most recent version, updated download links will be posted in the private Alpha One Discord channels and forums.

  1. Make sure that you log out of and back into the forums and hard refresh (Ctrl+F5):
  2. Check to see that your forum profile has Alpha One listed next to your Roles here:
  3. Visit the Alpha One Testing category here: (requires Alpha One access)  
  4. Follow the instructions in the orange banner at the top to connect your Discord and Intrepid accounts
  5. To get the latest download link, check the FAQ linked in the orange banner, or the pinned messages in the news channel of the Alpha One Discord category


Please check the Alpha One testing schedule to see when testing will begin.