How do I find my Kickstarter Backer Number?

by Intrepid Studios

1. Log in to your Kickstarter Account.

2. Once logged in, click on your profile in the top right corner of the page.

3. Then, click on Ashes of Creation in "Backed Projects" section. If Ashes of Creation doesn't show up in your Backed Projects section, you can click on "Profile" and all of your backed projects will show up on that page.


4. Once you arrive at the Ashes of Creation Kickstarter Page, if you backed the project you will see a banner at the top of the page that says "You're a backer!". Click on "View" just to the right.


5. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find your backer number, it will look like this:

 What if I pledged as a guest?

If you pledged as a guest, please follow these instructions to create your Kickstarter Account first.