How do I redeem a code?

by Intrepid Studios

If you received a code from a promotion or giveaway, you can redeem it on your Intrepid Account Dashboard.

Don't have an Intrepid account? Let's get you registered before we begin.

  1. Go to this link to create your account. Enter a username, your email, and create a unique password.
  2. Once you're happy with your account details, click the orange "Sign Up" Button.
  3. This will create your Intrepid Account, which you will be able to use to log in on our website, forums, and in-game!



Now that your account is created and you're logged in on your dashboard, let's redeem your code!

  1. Under the Dashboard section
  2. Enter your key into the field (without hyphens) and then click the orange "Redeem" to submit it.
  3. Once redeemed, you can then go into your Inventory
  4. And it will show the item and the date it was redeemed.



 Having trouble redeeming your code? We can help, contact our support team here.