How will player housing work?

by Intrepid Studios

There will be three types of player housing:

  1. Static (in-node) housing
    • These are limited supply homes available at Village nodes and above. These houses grow in size as the node grows.
  2. Instanced apartments
    • Players can purchase instanced apartments at Town nodes and above.
  3. Freeholds
    • These are sizable open-world housing plots situated outside of a Village node (or above), but within its zone of influence (ZOI). Homes, businesses, and farms can be set up on these plots.
  • Players may own up to one of each type of housing.
  • This housing may be located in one node or multiple nodes.
  • Player housing can be destroyed as the result of a node siege. Housing decorations and designs will be saved and can be placed again in the future.