Purchase FAQ

by Intrepid Studios

Why am I being charged extra taxes?

Intrepid Studios is based in the United States, so if you make a purchase from another country, you may need to pay VAT (value-added tax) or GST (goods and services tax). These taxes are collected on behalf of your country or region. 

Certain states within the US also require us to collect sales tax on their behalf for online purchases.

*Please note that we cannot waive or refund these taxes upon request.

Why do I see extra fees for my purchase?

As stated above, we are based in the United States, so any non-USD purchases made may have a currency conversion fee included.

How can I get a refund?

To see if your purchase qualifies for a refund, go here.

I'm having trouble making a purchase. What can I do?

Check out this article for common purchase issues and how to solve them.


Have questions about items? Check out our item FAQ here.

Need further assistance? Our support team is happy to help, please open a ticket here.