Keeping your Intrepid Account safe

by Intrepid Studios


The first rule in keeping your online accounts safe is using a different password for each account.  

Simply using a complex series of numbers, letters and symbols is not enough.  It doesn’t matter how complicated your password is if hackers are able to steal it from less secure sites or trick you into entering it on a fake website.  If you use a different password for your email login, game login, gaming websites, banking, and other sites, you can ensure that in the case of a data breach of any single one of these sites, you are only being exposed on that one account.  


Never click on links when you are not 100% confident in their legitimacy.  

Scammers are very good at making you think that the email they sent you or the website that you visit looks exactly like the real thing.  They will replace a lower case L with an uppercase i.  They will use all the same graphics and page layout as the real thing.  This is all part of social engineering.  They trick you into entering your username and password into their system, when you think that you are entering into the official system.  Once they have your login information, your account is now theirs to access as they wish - and if you used the same password for your email login, they now also have access to your email as well.

Additionally, our team will never ask you to share your password.  In order to find your account, we will only request the associated email address or your account username.  If there is ever any question about an email or message you receive that is supposed to be from Intrepid Studios, open a support ticket and we can confirm its legitimacy.  All contact with our customer support team will be through the ticketing system directly.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two passwords are better than one.

Two-Factor Authentication is an easy way to help protect your account.  Two-Factor Authentication uses an app like Google Authenticator to provide you with a unique pin code to enter every time you log in to your account.  This means that even if someone has stolen your password, they would not be able to log in to your account unless they also provided the randomly generated pin from the authenticator app.  This extra layer of protection can help ensure that your account remains secure. 

Keep your computer secure

The internet is not a safe place.

There are lots of people on the internet trying to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.  Malware and viruses are a persistent threat when browsing the internet.  Even browser extensions can be hazardous to the security of your online accounts.  Many Internet Service Providers include some form of antivirus/firewall protection with your internet access.  Even if your ISP does not, you can still find quality free options available to you.  Doing an internet search for “best free antivirus software” returns many reviews of the various options.  Look for one that provides not only antivirus protection, but also a firewall and malware detection.


What to do if you lose access to your Intrepid Account

First, try to reset your password.  

If someone has gotten access to your account, they may attempt to change the associated contact email address.  If you used the same password for your email address, they may be able to get access to your email as well - so it may also be wise to change the password for your email account.  Remember to set different passwords for every online account.  

If you are not able to reset your password, contact our support team.  We will need to verify that you are actually the account creator, and then we can help you try to recover your account.  

Once your account has been recovered, add Two-Factor Authentication.  Taking this extra step can help secure your account against future threats.